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A Simple 6 Minute Morning Routine to Surge Your Results

Are you fed up with hearing “Wake up early in the morning and use it to meditate, exercise, read, write your journal”? Isn’t that too overwhelming to do in the morning when you are not even a morning person?

In this article, you will learn to apply the best morning routine for success in 6 minutes. Do not worry, I am not going to talk about waking up very early and spending your morning time effectively. Instead, we will speak about the best morning routine to set the tone of your day in only 6 minutes after you wake up.

This article is ‘Step 7 – The best morning routine which will save you 15 hours a week‘ of the final phase: Transforming into a productive superhuman of the 3 phase transformation into superhuman productivity. You can begin right from step 1 by accessing the index here – 3 Phase Transformation into Living Your Dreams.

To understand the purpose behind the activity I recommend you to read through the article. But, for the busy bees, you can go directly to the exercise.

Best morning routine

You and I have read a ton of articles about meditation, visualization, writing a journal, reading and so on. All these have tremendous benefits, however making the time for them is not the easiest job.

The Best Morning Routine Explained

Many people have trouble waking up early. If you are one of them you use some tricks to wake up early which do not attempt to change you into a 5 AM person but help you wake up a little earlier than you normally would. If you have trouble waking up feeling fresh, use the calculator – What time should I wake up? The calculator helps you with the right time to wake up based on the time you go to bed by using the science behind sleep cycles.

Once you have managed to wake up, I am not expecting you to spare a few hours for exercise, meditation, visualization, writing a journal and so on. I will explain a routine which can be implemented by anybody.

For this routine, the excuse of not being able to make time or manage schedule no longer applies because the routine takes only 6 minutes to complete. The routine is based on the best seller book The Morning Miracle by Hal Elrod. Spending only 6 minutes in the morning on the Morning Miracle routine helps your physical, emotional and mental health.

Yes, that’s right. You no longer need a long morning routine checklist. In 6 minutes you will complete all the below activities:

  • Silence or meditation
  • Affirmation or reading your goals loud
  • Visualization
  • Exercise
  • Reading
  • Scribing or journaling

You have always been lazy to start any of these and attributed the reason to lack of time. Some of you might have been doing just 1 or 2 of these activities on a regular basis.

Now, what is your excuse you can complete them all in 6 minutes? Are you saying you do not even have 6 minutes to spare in the morning? If so, you have some real issues with prioritizing your time.

The SAVERS Morning Routine

Here is what each of the alphabets in SAVERS entails. After you wake up, you are supposed to do each of these for 1 minute each. You can follow any order of your choice. The sequence mentioned here is only to form a valid word SAVERS for memory.



If you are a follower of self-help content, you must have encountered this a million times. I was myself a non-believer of meditation. I still do not believe in spending an extended period of time meditating. However, spending a few minutes first thing in the morning has helped me calm my self down, free my mind from all the chaos and chatter. It helps me to get into the zone and go straight into my priorities.



The purpose of affirmation is to fill yourself with positive thoughts and go a spree of success during the day. This is not about watching motivational videos in the morning. It is about reading out your goals loud along with positive statements to help you get there.

Reading out your goals in the morning serves as a reminder of the mission that you are on to yourself. If you have read the reasons why reading your goals is effective, in the affirmation part of the morning routine, you will re-read your long term goal.



This part is where you visualize the end result as it has already happened. Is it the same as daydreaming? Not exactly. In visualization, you try to experience the end result consciously. For example, if becoming an athlete is your dream, you visualize yourself in the Olympics winning the coveted gold.

You should be as detailed as possible. Experience your sweat drenching you, the applause of the crowd, the goosebumps, and the tears of joy. The more detailed you are, the more effective visualization is. You can also go through a detailed explanation of why and how visualization works.



Before you panic, no, we are not asking you to put on your gym shoes and workout. Neither is anyone asking you exercises to start you day like pushups or pullups. The ask is far simpler. Can you do a few jumping jacks and stretching for a minute? Sure you can.

Can you do a few jumping jacks and stretching for a minute? Sure you can.

When you are asleep, your body is at rest. This part of your morning routine will pump your energy with the blood flow by getting more oxygen to your brain. Simple exercises throw the lazy feeling out of you.

By doing it for 1 minute, your heart is beating faster, your muscles are active and your brain is active to get going towards a productive day.



Just like every smoker knows smoking is bad but continues doing it, every person knows reading is good for him but never does it. Asking you to read for 1 minute a day is a simple as it can get.

If you are wondering, “Wait, 1 minute did you say? How much can I read in a minute?” I will tell you exactly how much. In a minute you can read more than what you would if you did not read at all. In a minute you can read a book summary.

You will find many websites where you can find a summary of a book in only a few sentences. Here is one example: Book Summaries from James Clear. While you are doing this activity, please stick to reading self-help or personal development books, not any fiction or novel.



Take a notebook and a pen, start writing. You can write anything meaningful that you like. The most common and effective things to write in the morning are:

  • Top few things to accomplish in the day
  • Few of the things that you are grateful for
  • Positive statements to improve your day
  • Lessons learned

I personally prefer writing what I am setting out to do on that day.

best morning routine habits

So that’s about it. In 6 minutes, you have completed all those things which self-help books scream about. Stand up and applaud your own effort.


As an exercise, you will start implementing the SAVERS routine starting tomorrow. The term SAVERS makes it easy to remember.

Wake up in the morning and complete the six activities for 1 minute each. S – Silence(Meditation), A – Affirmation(Reading your goals out loud), V – Visualization(imagining your goals with details as though they are achieved already), E – Exercise(Simple exercise like jumping jacks and stretching, R – Reading, S – Scribing(writing something down).

Leave a comment on what time do you wake up now and what time do you intend to wake up tomorrow.


In this article, you learned about the best morning routine which is also the simplest to implement. It has transformed the lives of a ton of people around the world. People vouch for it because it is an easy morning routine that hardly takes any time in the wee hours.

To be very honest, 1 minute is too short of a time to complete some of these activities such as writing, reading. Start with 1 minute and extend it to 2 minutes if you like. I have been doing this exercise every morning for over a year now and I spend 1-3 minutes on each of these. I am usually done with all of them in 10 minutes after which I am rolling my sleeves and pulling my socks, asking life to throw me some challenges which I can triumph over.

Morning bird

This article is ‘Step 7 – The best morning routine which will save you 15 hours a week‘ of the final phase: Transforming into a productive superhuman of the 3 phase transformation into superhuman productivity. You can begin right from step 1 by accessing the index here – 3 Phase Transformation into Living Your Dreams.

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