How your brain makes the wrong decisions – Cognitive Biases

Your brain exists to help you think. You must have heard the saying “Follow your heart and listen to your brain.” Your brain helps you make all the right decisions. You believe so, don’t you?

What if I told you your brain can make biased decisions? What if your brain favors certain things and often compels you to make decisions that cause more damage than good? You will find that hard to believe.

Our brain helps us make the right decisions throughout the day. It helps us drive on the right path to work, be nice to people, eat at the right time, not bump into people and so on.

However, at times, it can act like the corrupt intelligent robot from the movies. It does a lot of computations before you can blink and makes a wrong decision.

The worst part of such fallacies of the brain is, you cannot completely prevent such impulses from your brain. You might reduce some of them with practice but never will you be able to fully get rid of them.

Therefore, building an awareness of the existence of such flaws of the mind is the most you can do. You will not have success if you try to get rid of them.

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