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The Sensational Results That Occur When You Dream Big

The Sensational Results That Occur When You Dream Big

When you were a kid, you said “I want to be an astronaut”, “I want to be a scientist”. As a kid, you had massive dreams. Somewhere while you were growing up, you lost the belief in your dreams.

In this article, you will learn to transform yourself into taking action by dreaming big. This is not another article where I claim that dreaming big will magically make things happen. It is more about how you can change as a person by dreaming big and challenging your limits.

This article is ‘Step 6 – The sensational results caused by dreaming big‘ of the final phase: Transforming into a productive superhuman of the 3 phase transformation into superhuman productivity. You can begin right from step 1 by accessing the index here – 3 Phase Transformation into Living Your Dreams.

To understand the purpose behind the activity I recommend you to read through the article. But, for the busy bees, you can go directly to the exercise.

Dreaming big

How books explain the concept of Dreaming Big

You must have read how dreaming big makes your dreams a reality. If you visit a book store you will find a bazillion best sellers written about the same concept:

All these books have a common message. They state, if you dream with true belief and conviction, your dream will turn into reality, irrespective of what your goal is.

There is a great amount of misconception based on how these books have been interpreted. Some decipher the message of the book as dreaming big being the first and only step to success. It is not completely an interpretation problem alone. Some of these books do have strange ways of explaining how dreaming big makes it happen in real.

For example, one book explains we have ether(assume air for simplicity) all around us. The ether connects our thoughts together with the whole universe. The power of conviction towards your dream is apparently transmitted through ether. The transmission triggers some event in a completely different place in the universe triggering a sequence of events to make your dream come true.

I call that bullshit. 

How does Dreaming Big works in real

No disrespect to any of these authors. All these books are wonderful in their own right. Before I cause any confusion, I want to clarify my thought. I myself believe that if you dream with conviction and belief, you have a high chance of achieving your dream, no matter how big.

What I disagree with is why this happens. The reason is not the ether or the invisible reactions and transmissions in the cosmos.

Let us assume a person deeply believes on a daily basis with a strong conviction that he will become a multi-millionaire. Do you think he will become a multi-millionaire only by believing? If he refuses to budge his ass doing nothing other than the usual believing routine every day, do you think the person will be a millionaire? I don’t think so.

Why I believe dreaming big works is because of the changes that happen in the person with a strong belief. It is the power of belief which opens yourself to opportunities that seem like magic happening to you. These opportunities pop up because you have put in more effort and not because of a reaction in the cosmos triggered by your belief.

The story of Nathan and Brian

Let me explain with an example:

Here is the story of two people who want to be millionaires. One is Nathan(N for Non-believer), who wants to be a millionaire but believes it is out of his reach. The other is Brian(B for believer), who strongly believes he will be a millionaire one day. Both Brian and Nathan are under similar circumstances but they differ in their thought process.

What runs through Nathan’s mind when dreaming big:

I am lacking in skill:

no skill

He believes that he does not have the skill to be a millionaire. He also believes that acquiring the required skill will take a long time. He thinks even if he puts the effort his skill won’t scale up to the level necessary. Therefore, he does not bother to even start.

I don’t have the money to start:

no money

Even though he has heard about many rich people who have made money starting with nothing, he believes he needs some corpus to start. He has found an easy mental barrier for himself from starting anything. He believes: No money=no way to start.

I will fail and lose everything:

fear of failure

He believes failure is the most likely possibility. He is worried that failure will lead to losing all the time, money and energy invested. He would rather find it comfortable to remain where he is right now. The comfort zone is an easy way out than risking and failing.

I am not seeing any progress:

Lack pf progress

He starts with an idea, puts in the effort and does not see the returns short term. This ties in together with his already existing belief that he does not have the skill and that failure is the most likely outcome. The fear of losing more time, effort, money bothers him. A thought nags him saying “your skill is the problem, no effort can fix it.” Bogged down by the thought, he gives up.

My circumstances are against me:

Blaming circumstances

He believes his circumstances are way different from successful people. Currently, he has bills to pay, mouths to feed, his normal job to attend to, leaving no time or funds to make money.

On the contrary, the rich somehow had their circumstances go well for them paving the path for success. He believes he does not have a great partner to start a business with, the market around him not supporting the idea, the users around not showing the interest his product deserves, etc. In short, the reasons for his lack of success are due to the exterior world and nothing to do with himself. He has no clue how blaming circumstances impact his results.

I think that is a huge number:


Nathan thinks it is bad to dream big and be unrealistic. The sheer number of zeroes scare him off. He sees no plan or way he can make so much money. The bigger the number, the more overwhelmed he gets. He even laughs it out thinking that it is stupid to aim so high. As a result, he fails to even start.

I am not seeing a lot of opportunities around me:

Giving up

He feels the only opportunities for him are around his regular routine. He does not see any business opportunity, a way to make more money or any other means to increase income.

What goes through Brian’s mind when dreaming big:

I am lacking in skill:

Focus on learning

He knows that being a millionaire would require him to hone his skills. Even if the skills will take a long time to master, he starts taking baby steps every day. In 1 year, he is far more skillful than he was and capable of making more money due to his improved skills.

I don’t have the money to start:

Work on money

He is well aware that starting his own business requires capital. He does not believe that this capital is too large. He starts saving, borrows from his parents/friends, gets an angel investor, makes an alternate income or starts with an MVP(minimum viable product). He tries different ways to arrange for the capital required knowing that it will not land into his bank account by itself.

I might fail and lose everything:


He is well aware of failure being a possibility. However, he believes that the risk of failure is worth it because he believes living a life of mediocrity is not what he wants to do in life. Even if he fails, he is willing to take that as a learning and try again.

I am not seeing any progress:

Slow progress

He starts with an idea, puts in the effort and persists even if the results are not apparent initially. He takes a hard look at his performance, progress and results. He improvises and tweaks his ideas and execution, retaining what is working and discarding what is not working.

My circumstances are not perfect:

Culture of no blame

If something goes wrong on an area that is out of his control, he looks at what he missed doing and how could he have avoided the situation. For example, if a hurricane floored his factory, he gets back on his feet.

He plans how to be better prepared for natural calamities next time instead of thinking his dreams were shattered by the hurricane. (By the way, this is a true story of Soichiro Honda, whose factory was destroyed by an earthquake)

I think that is a huge number which I will reach:

Keep working towards dream

He does understand the scale of the big numbers and a large number of zeroes in them. However, he knows that targeting 5% of it at a time is not as hard as it seems. He knows that it is simply impossible to make huge money in the short term. He breaks the big number into goals of smaller chunks for a smaller duration, scaling one milestone after another compounding money.

I am not seeing a lot of opportunities around me so let me explore:

Keep exploring

He looks around keeping an eye on all possible ways to make money. He does research how people made billions from scratch, discusses ideas with friends, improves his network, takes a few risks to earn more money.

Now, was the power of belief the reason why Brian was able to achieve his goals? The answer is both no and yes.

No, because it was not magic or any invisible matter or telepathy which converted the belief into the realization of goals.

Yes, because his belief led him to be hard working. He tried more things, learned from his mistakes, took risks, shared ideas and was always on a lookout. This is what power of conviction does to you. It changes a person for the good.

You will be led into a never-ending journey of self-improvement chasing your goals. The simplest difference between a person with belief and without belief is this: a person who does not dream big, either never tries or gives up after one attempt or two.

The person who strongly believes in achieving his goals will try one thing after another, persisting and improving every time until the goal is achieved. There is no sorcery at play or reactions in the cosmos. The harder you work, the longer you persist, the more attempts you make towards reaching your goals, the better are your chances of achieving them. It is a game of numbers.

In simple words, the successful person knows the importance of dreaming big.

If the goal was to get a mango by pelting stones, who do you think would be successful? The one who tried multiple times or the one who gives up after a couple of attempts assuming a bad aim. The answer is obvious. The more the effort, the higher the possibility of the result. It simply comes down to larger numbers and bigger probabilities.


As the first step on how to dream big, let’s do an exercise. Take a hard look at your dream. If you believe you have the potential, energy and the patience to dream bigger, go for it. The bigger you dream, the more pronounced will be your transformation as a person.

If you are not clear about your dream yet, answer these 3 questions to gain clarity.

Leave a comment on what your big dream is. Be proud and tell the world. Tell me how would it feel if you could live the life of your dream.

If you shoot for the stars you will at least land on the moon. If you shoot just 100 feet above you, you might not even attain that.


big idea think big

To summarize, dreaming big is powerful. Only when you aim for the stars can you make it happen. It activates you into working harder and being a better person.

Be a millionaire not for the money but for the person it will turn you into.

This article is ‘Step 6 – The sensational results caused by dreaming big‘ of the final phase: Transforming into a productive superhuman of the 3 phase transformation into superhuman productivity. You can begin right from step 1 by accessing the index here – 3 Phase Transformation into Living Your Dreams.

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