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What’s changed? Focus – The Productivity Tool

May 12th Release:

New Tab Updates:

  • Focus now shows a progress bar on the new tab. When you add tasks, it shows you how many tasks are complete along with a percentage completion.
  • You receive a productivity nudge every two hours from the time you open your browser. This is to remind you about your tasks for the day and get things done.

Errors Fixed:

  • Any tasks added or Pomodoros started are reflected immediately on the new tab. Earlier, it required a refresh.
  • Fixed a bug where a new tab was not recognising a new day on the first load
  • The tool sends a usage guide email during sign up. You can view it here:

Improvements Made:

  • The notification which mentions the number of tabs open is above the threshold is now clickable and opens up the Tab Control settings
  • When you change the duration of the Pomodoro timer the countdown starts immediately without needing another click on ‘Start Clock’
  • The Pomodoro tab now has ‘Back To Tasks’ to allow easy switching back to the Tasks tab
  • The Pomodoro beep tone is changed to an alarm beep. The earlier sound was too loud for users.
  • Removed the motivational quote on the bottom of the page to save space. The decision was made because the benefit of the quote was unclear and unmeasurable.

May 5th Release:

Focus now takes control of your new tab:

  • Reminds you to set tasks for the day to make you productive
  • Tells you how of the tasks set are complete/incomplete
  • Allows you to set Pomodoros
  • Displays if your distraction blocking/tab blocking is on/off

Erors Fixed:

  • Fixed an error on the distraction blogging settings where a new website added wasn’t being blocked properly. You can now copy-paste URLs and the whole website will be blocked.
  • Fixed an error where using a blocked site for a few minutes using ‘Just 2 min please’ or Pomodoro breaks caused problems to the page scroll
  • Fixed a bug where the motivational quote at the bottom of a new tab was showing undefined

Other changes:

  • Using any feature does not cause the page to scroll to top
  • On ‘Tab control’, moving the mouse over current open tabs highlights the tab and allows click on the entire row to switch to the clicked tab
  • New tab now shows your name for relevant text
  • The menu which pops up on any blocked site allows 2 min and 5 min access with the appropriate naming(Pomodoro break buttons are removed)
  • The notification which shows the number of open tabs above the threshold is now moved lower. This was done to avoid it from covering any menu links on different websites.

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