In The Zone helps you
make everyday super productive

In The Zone is a chrome extension for those who spend more than 6 hours day in front of a computer.


Why You Should Use In The Zone

In The Zone is a productivity system which operates within your chrome browser and helps you get things done.

Blocks Distractions

An intelligent distraction blocking featured based on science and psychology

Makes Your New Tab A Tool

Turns your new tab into a set of productivity tools which get tasks done

To-Do List Integrated

A To-Do List within your browser to focus on tasks for the day

Productivity Nudges

Personalized nudges and reminders to encourage good habits


Powerful Distraction Blocking

Saves upto 2 hours a day from wasting time on mindless browsing

  • Allows you to choose short spans of distracted browsing
  • Countdown timer to make you mindful of unproductive productive
  • Regular prompts to check if a site is distracting you
  • Notification of time spent on unproductive browsing
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Turns Your New Tab Into A Productivity Zone

One stop shop to access all the features of the tool

  • Shows progress on your To-Do List
  • Allows you to start a countdown timer to focus
  • Shows your browsing statistics
  • Access highly customizable settings
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Daily Productivity Plan

Follow a set of productive habits

  • 3 levels - Starter, Competent & Ninja to suit your needs
  • A progress measure which guides you to stay on track
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Browsing statistics

Makes you aware of your browsing habits

  • Know the time spent on productive/unproductive browsing
  • One click button to mark a website as productive/unproductive
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A Daily Focus List

A to-do list to prioritize things to do for the day

  • An option to set countdown timer to focus on each task
  • Can be toggled into a normal to-do list
  • Reminds you about pending tasks at frequent intervals
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Awesome Benefits

In The Zone is a habit formation app which makes you more productive and get things done

Stops Procrastination

Makes you more mindful of your actions

Reduces Time Wasted

Makes you waste less time

Gets Things Done

The easy to access to-do list prompts you to finish tasks

Makes Every Day Superproductive

Prompts you to cultivate productive work habits every single day


User Reviews.

Our users love our product. Here's what they had to say.


It's great to have all productivity features within the browser itself. I never knew how much time I wasting until I used this extension. It's a must have for any one who's keen to improve their time management skills

Rajith Shaji

Founder, Volopay

I find this plugin very useful. I use this to list my everyday tasks and set a timeframe to finish them. Thus this helps me become more productive. The distraction blocker is a great feature as well.

Flavia Dsouza

HR Recruiter

Been using it for doing my daily tasks and blocking my distraction sites. The distraction blocking feature is the smartest and the most intuitive I've ever seen. Saves me tons of time. The daily focus list helps me gets things done. It's a must have.

Bhanu Prakash KC


This is a great plugin to improve productivity. The tasks feature helps me get things done and the distraction blocking helps me waste less time.

Priyank Shetty

Quality Engineer

This plugin helps me break my daily goals down into smaller bite-sized tasks. It's extremely rewarding to see the tasks get checked off throughout the day. Highly recommend this to anyone who procrastinates online a lot.

Caroline Nguyen

University Student

This is the most complete productivity extension I have ever used. The divide and conquer approach of adding tasks, setting a pomodoro and getting it done is insanely powerful. I save 1-2 hours each day and work at 2X my speed due to this.

Anish Philip John

Head of Delivery

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