Guest Blogging Guidelines

I am happy to know that you have considered writing a blog for Productive Club. I am looking forward to hear your ideas.

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Here are a few guidelines to be aware of before writing a guest post for Productive Club. Make sure you read them carefully because I follow them to the dot.

  • You must have your own blog in the personal development niche. To ensure expertise I do not accept content from writers in other niches.
  • The article must be original and not published elsewhere
  • The article must contain a minimum of 1800 words. All my blog articles are lengthy and useful. I intend to follow the same for the guest posts too.
  • The topic must be relevant to the overall topics of Productive Club such as Productivity, Reducing Distractions, Improving Focus, Starting a Venture, Overcoming Procrastination, Overcoming Fear, Utilizing time effectively, etc. Content written should target individuals, not teams or businesses.
  • The article must provide real value to the reader. Submissions with the sole intent of getting a backlink will not be accepted. The same applies to the common run of the mill listicles like ‘5 ways to save time’, ‘7 ways to increase productivity’, etc.
  • The article must meet the following criteria: Hemingway editor – Grade 6 or below with all other criteria met, Writers Diet Test – Lean or Fit & Trim, Flesch Reading Test – Score of 70 and above, Grammarly – Score of 85 plus with an additional rating of Clear and Engaging
  • Articles can be submitted in HTML or word format
  • Make sure a similar article isn’t already on this website by using the search. If you’re still not sure, please drop an email to find out.
  • You may include a maximum of one self-promotion link(do-follow) within your article. The link must fit the context in a meaningful way and not be forced. Your author bio along with a link to your blog will be linked separately at the end of the article. Unrelated websites cited as references will be removed.
  • I strictly follow all these guidelines. Any post submitted in violation will be rejected. I receive many such posts, so it would save your time and mine by reading through these with extra attention.

Yes, I would love to Guest Blog for Productive Club

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