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How to be Successful by Writing Your Achievements and Mistakes

How to be Successful by Writing Your Achievements and Mistakes

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How would the world look like if your strengths became stronger and your weakness reduced day by day? Over a course of time, your ability in your area would be comparable to the basketball skills of Michael Jordan.

In this article, you will learn how to improve your strengths and fix your weaknesses. You will need less than 10 minutes to complete it in a day. Using a simple mechanism of tracking your achievements and mistakes every day, you will notice progress in less than a week.

You could be thinking “Wait, don’t tell me I have to write because I hate it?” Have you always dreaded writing a journal? Is writing the summary of your day painful to you?

Do not worry. I will not be asking you to start journaling. Instead, you will learn how to harness the power of realizing your achievements and mistakes on a daily basis.

This article is Step 8: How to be successful by writing your achievements and mistakes of the 3 phase transformation into superhuman productivity. You can begin right from step 1 by accessing the index here – 3 Phase Transformation into Living Your Dreams.

To understand the purpose behind the activity I recommend you to read through the article. But, for the busy bees, you can go directly to the exercise.

The myth of being successful by journaling

You probably would have read a million articles about the need to write a journal and how all successful people maintain a journal. Some writers notch it up by even attributing the success of the billionaires to journaling. 

Some of the writers attribute so many benefits to journaling making it seem like writing a journal is a blueprint for success.

Here are the “so-called” benefits of writing a journal. I did not make these up. I looked up for benefits of journaling and here is what I found.

  1. Increases your IQ
  2. Increases your Emotional Intelligence
  3. Improves communication skills
  4. Heals you physically, emotionally and psychologically
  5. Improves your creativity
  6. Increases your self-confidence
  7. Helps in boosting your career
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Phew, that’s quite a lot of benefits. Based on these benefits, most people who write a journal must be among the smartest people, those who are the best at handling their emotions and of course super successful in their career.

But since not everyone is, something does not add up.

How much journaling helps you towards success

The intention isn’t to discourage writing a journal. I wanted to highlight that it is not proven that journaling provides most of the above-mentioned benefits.

When a writer mentions “studies have proven …”, he usually means he read an article off the internet or made up a logic himself.

You are free to believe that journaling provides all of these benefits. Personally, I don’t buy them all.

Having said that, I write a journal myself. Yes, you read that right.

You must be wondering what sort of twist in the tale is this?

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What I write is not exactly like the journal everyone else writes. I only write what I believe were my mistakes and achievements for the day.

Having an awareness of these 2 areas, achievements and mistakes have helped me improve. So, I write my journal in my own fashion to improve.

Towards the fag end of the day, I write down things that I did well and my mistakes for the day.

How to write your achievements and mistakes for the day:

Here is how you can learn and grow from writing your mistakes and achievements down. The first step is writing them down, simple. Even if some of your achievements/mistakes for the day seem too small, write them down. For example here is an example journal entry for one particular day:

Things done well today:

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  • Time well spent in completing all the tasks planned for the day
  • Appreciated 2 people in the team and made them feel better for a job well done
  • Complemented my wife on the good food she cooked today
  • Found a breakthrough for the javascript problem that I was facing yesterday
  • Thought of one additional way to increase income for my next business idea
  • Read about the current content marketing trends

Mistakes done today:

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  • Reacted without enough thought when John mentioned that the solution I proposed will most likely fail
  • Procrastinated buying the domain name for my next business idea
  • Did not greet my team member before asking him for more information on a task assigned to me

Benefits of writing down your achievements and mistakes

In school, taking notes and writing information helped you remember better, didn’t it? Similarly, writing your achievement/mistakes every day will help you do more of the good things and reduce the chances of repeating mistakes. Writing your mistakes down won’t magically stop you from repeating them overnight. However, next time John or anyone counters your solution, your subconscious mind will remind you that you had reacted last time without thinking through.

The reason why this works is straight forward. Writing your achievements and mistakes helps in registering them in your memory better. It does not matter if you never read your writing again. Writing once etches the content in your memory and you hear your inner voice saying “Hey, you made the same mistake the other day, do you want to repeat it again?”

To achieve greatness, you do not always need to come up with complex brilliant ideas. If you work on eliminating your mistakes on a daily basis, that in itself will take you a long way.


As an exercise, write down your achievements and mistakes for the day right now. If you are reading the article early in the morning, write down the achievements and mistakes of yesterday. Do not forget to mention even the small ones.

Leave a comment down below on what was your achievement or mistake. Let us share our mistakes and learn.

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Writing down your mistakes and achievements regularly is far more powerful than it seems.

Writing my mistakes down has helped me cut filler words such as Umm, err, like, you know, aah. I have managed to avoid needless shrugging, speaking too fast, reacting on impulse. These are just some of my mistakes which I cured by writing them down every day as a mistake committed.

To summarize, you learned the importance of self improvisation on a daily basis. All it takes is 10 minutes in the evening every day to think about what were your achievements and mistakes of the day. Simply writing them down wires your brain to perform more of your achievements and less of your mistakes.

This article is Step 8: How to be successful by writing your achievements and mistakes of the 3 phase transformation into superhuman productivity. You can begin right from step 1 by accessing the index here – 3 Phase Transformation into Living Your Dreams.

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  • My achievements were: studying programming for 30 minutes, waking up early, and read 100 pages of a book.
    My mistakes were: procrastinating on learning Japanese

    • Great Job Bayan. I would recommend doing the activity every day. Did spotting your mistakes help you?

  • Achievements:
    – understanding more what “divide and conquer” means using the Focus app so I feel motivated
    – studying and revising at my own pace – not thinking about how others would think of me studying at a slower pace

    – snacking out of boredom, not hunger
    – 5-minute breaks turned into 30 minutes in between Pomodoros

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