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How to Make a Reliable Action Plan to Achieve Your Goal

How to Make a Reliable Action Plan to Achieve Your Goal

Have you wondered how millionaires work on multiple businesses? How do they find time to work on so many major tasks making progress successfully? What exactly is their action plan for their success?

In this article, you will take the first step towards your dream goal. The idea isn’t about completing a huge task. It is all about getting started no matter how small. Once you get the ball rolling, you will notice major progress on your goals in no time.

You will realize how millionaires make constant progress towards their goals with an action plan. Once you realize the importance of an action plan, you will know how to make steady progress towards your goals.

This article is Step 5: How millionaires work on an action plan towards their goals of 3 phase transformation into super human productivity. You can begin right from step 1 by accessing the index here.

To understand the purpose behind the activity I recommend you to read through the article. But, for the busy bees, you can go directly to the exercise.

Action plan for goals

If you landed in the article directly, go through the index. In the last article, you learnt 5 simple tricks to wake up slightly earlier than usual.

Since you are here, you must have woken up earlier today. Pat yourself on the back because you are already way ahead of the majority. Most people do not even get to the first step of taking the first step towards their goal.

You are unlike those people who live their life in mediocrity. You are one among those determined to live the life of your dreams, which you surely will if you consistently make progress like you have been doing so far.

The magic mantra of how millionaires achieve their goals

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Here is the biggest reason why millionaires make progress towards their goals. The reason is far more simpler than you think it is.

Millionaires achieve what they achieve by simply doing things.

They do not wait for the right time, the best time or a future time. They break a bigger goal into smaller tasks and get going with it.

As simple as it sounds, this is the main reason why millionaires are far ahead of the rest in terms of their goals.

The reason why you have no action plan towards your goal

Take a few moments to ponder why you haven’t made any progress towards your long term goal.

Pause here right now. Spend a minutes thinking about the problems preventing you from working towards your dream goal.

In all likelihood, your “problems” will be among the following:

  • You do not have enough money to work towards your goal
  • You are too busy and do not have enough time to work towards your goal
  • The situation is not ideal currently to work towards your dream goal
  • Starting a few weeks/months later is the best time to begin

Guess what? All the elite successful people had the same set backs with one subtle difference. They did not look at them as problems to begin work at all.

Sure, some of them were indeed problems that they did not have a solution to. However, that did not stop them from beginning work. They believed they will work out a solution through the journey.

Millionaire Vs Poor Action Plan

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Take a look back at your problem to work towards your long term goal. It is usually a reason to avoid commencing work on your long term goal than a real problem in reality.

There is just one major differentiator between millionaires and the ordinary. The millionaires begin work on their long term goals while the ordinary don’t. It is as simple as that.

The difficulties faced and the skills possessed between the two groups are rarely significantly different. It is in the mindset where the bigger difference lies.

How to set up an action plan for your long term goals

Let’s get back to your goals now.

Since this is your dream that you are working towards, aren’t you excited? If you are not very excited, you should revisit and answer the 3 questions to identify your long term goal. If you have your long term goals already, do consider setting them up as SMART Goals.

So, how can you begin your journey towards your long term goal? If you think again, you do not need any guidance on what you need to do this morning. Guess why?

You already have created the list of things that you need to do to achieve your goal when you broke down your goals into smaller chunks. In the exercise of creating your short term goals you had broken down your goal into tasks for this week, month and quarter. If you landed on this article directly, you can begin the 3 phase productivity transformation here.

Taking the first baby step towards your action plan today

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Go through that list right now. You will find one task or the other to work on right away. It could be anything from the range of thinking of a name to researching online for possible areas. 

If there is absolutely nothing you can do in these morning hours, plan a time slot when you will complete one task towards your goal today.

For example, let us assume that your initial tasks involve phone calling someone. If the wee hours of the morning are too early to make a phone call, you can set up an alarm to remind you to call David at 11 AM.

What exactly you do does not really matter on this first day of your journey. What matters is that you ensure you take at least one step forward towards your goal today.

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You do not have to stop at one task. Depending on the tasks that you have to complete, you might very well be able to complete many tasks within 30 min.

action plan long term goals


To summarize, the purpose of this article is to begin work on your long term goal today. Not tomorrow, not day after, not in the future, but today.

Irrespective of how big or small the first step towards your goal is, you should do it as per the exercise today. If you make an excuse today, you will continue the same for your lifetime.

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I am sure you will be excited at the end of this activity to see progress made towards your goal. The purpose of this exercise is to make this a practice every single day where you spend time making progress towards your long term goal. When it comes to making progress, remember one keyword – CONSISTENCY.

What you do everyday makes way more difference than what you do once in a while.  

This article is Step 5: How millionaires work on an action plan towards their goals of 3 phase transformation into super human productivity. You can begin right from step 1 by accessing the index here.

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