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How to Start Your Business – 10 Week Challenge

How to Start Your Business - 10 Week Challenge

Welcome to the 10 week day challenge to begin your own business. No matter what your idea and current situation is, this challenge will help you move beyond your idea stage and take baby steps towards your own business. You can follow the challenge even if you intend to continue at your full time job along with running the business.

If you think your friend needs to take up this challenge, do let him/her know. Inviting a friend will make the challenge more exciting. Two is company, three is a crowd and four is a party.

How to Start Your Business - 10 Week Challenge

The challenge works if you want to build a side hustle like a blog or a full time business like a restaurant chain.

The challenge is split into 10 weeks. Each week you will have to work on making progress and taking one step closer to owning your business. What was once an idea will soon be a reality.

The challenge expects you to complete a certain set of tasks every week. Based on your idea and the scale of business you intend, you might need longer to complete the quota for the week. In such cases, extend the timeline for another week or two. Do not rush through the challenge to complete it.

Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of the challenge is to stretch your limits and improve. Building a business the right way is no easy feat, so you are recommended to complete every task mentioned for the good of your business.

The short answer is no. Skipping some tasks can stop you from acquiring useful knowledge for the future. Feel free to modify the task to suit your needs better but do not skip them.

You just have to bookmark this page.  Invite a friend to make the challenge more exciting. Two is company, three is a crowd and four is a party. You can receive reminders on the challenge by adding your email below. The most simple way to participate in the challenge is to join the Facebook group and receive the daily challenge on your feed every day.

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