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How to Start Your Business - 10 Week Challenge

Week 10 Challenge: Read about leadership and avoid the most common mistakes

As an employee, most people curse their manager and believe they can do a better job. However, things are easier said than done.

As a business owner, you are leader for your people. Almost every new entrepreneur commits blatant mistakes with leadership which makes their employees resent them.

While you cannot learn the art of leadership in a week, you can make an attempt to avoid common mistakes.

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Things to remember

The classic mistake a new entrepreneur makes is assuming people will respect the person in power. In some way, yes, that assumption is true. However, if people obey your commands because you are the person in authority, you will end up like the manager you curse. You will never be able to extract the best out of your employees by the power of authority. The more welcome and valued you make your employees feel, the higher your business will go.

Also, do not curse yourself if you get some aspects of leadership wrong. No great leader has mastered the skill in a week. In fact, it takes most people years to understand the depth of leadership by making mistakes.

Most people give leadership the last priority but it can make the difference between making and breaking your business.

An endnote

Well, this where we say goodbye. You're on your own now. You now have a plan and an idea of what to expect. The world is your playground. Go have fun.

All the best.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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