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How to Start Your Business - 10 Week Challenge

Week 4 Challenge: Start tracking your progress with deadlines

When you work on goals with indefinite timelines the progress moves at a snail's pace. Setting deadlines helps in building accountability and keeping things on track.

When you work towards a goal without keeping a timeline in mind, you consume more time than necessary as per the Parkinsons Law.

This week, you have to set deadlines for setting up your business. If you are worried about the lack of clarity of tasks, worry not. Just begin this week and you can correct the timelines with time.

Sign up for Asana:

As the first step, sign up for a free account on It has a user-friendly interface both as a website and a mobile. Using the tool is self-explanatory.

Using another tool like Evernote or Wunderlist does the trick too. As far as you have a robust way of tracking tasks and deadlines, any tool should work.

Create Sections

Divide your tasks into sections. Feel free to use any breakdown you like. One recommended segregation is to divide tasks by the line of work as shown below.

Set a deadline for each task

Add the tasks you believe you need to work on. For example, you might have identified a few skills to learn about in the exercise last week. Add those as a task here along with an approximate date to complete the task.

In the upcoming week, you have an exercise of talking to business owners in your niche. Such tasks must be added on the tool too along with a deadline.

If you do not have a clear deadline to add, put an approximate date out there. If you leave the field empty, the task will remain pending for eternity.

Check your tasks once a day

Once in a day check what tasks are pending and where should you spend your energy. Asana has a calendar view that clearly shows the upcoming and past tasks in chronological order.

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