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30 Day Challenge – From A Weak to Confident Communicator

From A Weak to Confident Communicator - 30 Day Challenge

Welcome to the 30 day challenge to improve your communication. No matter what your current level of communication is, you will reap the benefits by following the tips for 30 days. These tips are not just focused on vocabulary but also on listening, body language, persuasion, avoiding subtle mistakes and building better rapport.

If you think your friend needs to take up this challenge, do let him/her know. Inviting a friend will make the challenge more exciting. Two is company, three is a crowd and four is a party.

What is the From A Weak to Confident Communicator - 30 Day Challenge?

The challenge works in 3 phases. Each phase has 10 tips to improve.

The ideal method to go about the challenge is to start from the 1st tip and implement one tip a day. The difficulty increases as you proceed into the challenge. Though the challenge expects you to perform one task a day, it is recommended that you carry forward the tip that you learned forever.

For example, one of the initial tips is maintaining eye contact. It does not mean you maintain eye contact only on day 2. You must practice the habit of better contact for the rest of the days of the challenge and maybe for the rest of your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ideally, it is recommended to learn the tip for life. You must try to carry on what you learned for the rest of your life.

Though the challenge is presented as 30 days, you can choose your own style. Some people skip weekends and some practice a skill for many days before moving to the next one. The schedule is only a guideline. Feel free to choose your own style.

You just have to bookmark this page. Invite a friend to make the challenge more exciting. Two is company, three is a crowd and four is a party. You can receive reminders on the challenge by adding your email below. The most simple way to participate in the challenge is to join the Facebook group and receive the daily challenge on your feed every day.


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