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From A Weak to Confident Communicator - 30 Day Challenge

Day 18 Challenge: Count the times you use a filler word

One of the most common forms of weak communication is the usage of filler words. The most frequent filler words are:

  • like
  • ummm
  • you know
  • ah
  • er
  • okay

As simple as these filler words are, overcoming the habit is no easy feat. Your brain has cultivated a routine of using these words without any conscious thought.

Today, you must try to count the number of times you use such filler words. You do not have to overcome the bad habit right off the bat today. When you count the mistakes you make, your brain realizes you are at fault and makes an attempt to correct it over time.

Do not curse yourself if your total ends up being a large number. The number will reduce if you keep counting daily.

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