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From A Weak to Confident Communicator - 30 Day Challenge

Day 15 Challenge: Read for 30 minutes and apply at least one learning from what you read

So you thought reading books was useless? Or were you thinking that reading books takes a lot of effort?

Well, you may not like reading, but it does help your communication. Maybe it teaches you a new word, a unique way to frame a sentence or a phrase that you can reuse. You have plenty to gain from flipping through the pages of a book because reading has a direct correlation with communication.

The more you read, the more skills you develop.

Today, you will read for 30 minutes and try to apply at least one thing you learned by reading all those pages. You do not have to read a self-improvement book. You can pick a novel, a textbook or even a newspaper. Identify one new thing to learn from your reading and apply it before the end of day.

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