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Interview with Dani from This Village Girl

I had the opportunity to get in touch with another blogger from the Self Improvement space.

Dani writes on her blog Her articles are around Travel, Lifestyle and Mental Health.

She has an insatiable wanderlust, out of this world food cravings and goof addiction. She loves the smell of fresh air with some lush greens. She is from the Philippines.

She has worked with Bonn Greeters, La Venne and Juice Beauty.

The interview:

Maxim: Tell us about your blog. What made you start writing about Self Improvement?

Dani: Moving abroad twice, traveling alone and culture shock/differences made my thoughts explode that I needed to journal more often. But since I was moving often and couldn’t bring all my journals, I thought I needed to have something online so I can keep these memories.

This is not the first blog I launched but this is the blog that I decided to take wholeheartedly when I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life and kept on trying different jobs just to be able to find what it is that I really wanted. I thought I wanted to have a lifestyle or even travel blog but I realized that that’s not what I am really into. I am into the changes I have been experiencing from the time I left our village and my third world country.

Maxim: Tell us about your personal journey in self improvement. Give us some examples of how you improve yourself regularly.

Dani: I can categorize my journey into five stages.

Numb stage where I just left everything behind without even understanding why and moved from Malaysia to Germany. All I knew was that I just wanted out of that old life. Confusion stage where I started learning how to teach English, learning German and teaching English to the refugees to be able to teach English in South America.

In reality, I was buying time to have something to do after I left my job because I know something was wrong with me and couldn’t figure it out.

Then the in denial and avoidance stage. My cousin who was already into personal development, spiritual path and meditation told me things no one did. He knows I have a personal blog and said that I should listen to what my heart tells me, cut my mindless socializing and use my writing to find what I was looking for. Because I was in avoidance and in denial period, I kind of ignored it. I continued doing what I was doing. I even started MBA just to have something to do and in case it’s time to go back to the corporate world, I have something to fill the gap in my CV. I was reading a lot of fiction and romance books even then but when I read Matt Haig’s How to Stop Time and loved it, I flipped through the last pages to see if he has other books I can read because I loved his style. I saw Reasons to Live which was his experience with anxiety and depression. I ordered it from Amazon and after that, Amazon suggested more self improvement books which I bought after reading Reasons to live.

It has been two years and my addiction to self help books never stopped. Suddenly I’ve got every word I needed when I left the life I thought I wanted and everything started making sense which made me launch my blog last year.

These days I have a morning and evening routine. I meditate upon waking up, write to my journal, read self help books and listen to personal development podcasts if I am not busy writing for the book I am finishing, attending my Life Coaching Courses, doing yoga or working for my blog.

Maxim: Among all the articles you have written, which one is your favorite? Why?

Dani: 10 Toxic Things I Removed from my Life to Finally be Happy

It is my favorite because all these were what have kept me or slowed me down in my own journey. When I started kicking them out from my life, everything started getting and feeling better.

Maxim: Self improvement has various aspects. However, if you had to give only one single piece of advice to your readers, what would it be?

Dani: Don’t ignore your questions, thoughts and ideas and take your time in honestly answering them.

Maxim: What advice would you give to a young person just starting his/her journey of self improvement?

Dani: Be patient with yourself.

Maxim: If you had a time machine that sent you 10 years back in time, what self improvement advice would you give yourself?

Dani: Listen to the faintest whispers of your soul.

Maxim: How has your blogging and writing influenced and transformed you? Do you think you have changed as a person since you started blogging?

Dani: Oh yes! Blogging has taught me a different kind of patience that I thought I have learned while working for a bank’s customer service, teaching English or even learning German.

Maxim: What makes you happiest as a blogger?

Dani: Receiving heartfelt messages from people whom I have never even met who are generously sending support and readers who tell me my blog helps them with what they’re going through gave me a life purpose.

Maxim: Who are the other self improvement bloggers that you’re a fan of?

Dani: I hardly read blogs. I prefer self improvement books and podcasts like Rise by Rachel Hollis and The Tony Robbins Podcast.

Maxim: Where can the readers contact you?

Dani: People can feel free to shoot me an email at

Maxim: Thanks a lot Dani. It was wonderful knowing your thoughts. Continue blogging and influencing people. All the best.


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