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Interview with Don Dulin from Unfinished Success

In between this pandemic, I had a chance to exchange self improvement ideas with Don. He writes on his blog Unfinished Success.

His articles have been featured on the top personal development blogs such as LifeHack, Dumb Little Man, The Wall Street Journal and others.

He started his entrepreneurial journey way back in college. He has experience as an entrepreneur in various business domains from reselling items on Amazon to real estate.

On the personal side, Don likes watching wrestling and movies. He has watched the movie, Major League, a thousand times and can even spot editing mistakes in it.

The interview:

Maxim: Tell us about your blog. What made you start writing about Self Improvement?


I started my blog in 2013 as a way to help others think positively and become better versions of themselves.

I have found too many people have a negative mindset. They think the world is out to get them. If they would just change their attitude to a positive mindset, they would experience more opportunity and success in life.

Additionally, too many people just go through the motions of life. They get up, go to work, come home, rinse and repeat. By taking an active role in your life, you can lead it to where you want to go and live your dreams.

My blog is a way to show readers this is possible.

Maxim: Tell us about your personal journey in self improvement. Give us some examples of how you improve yourself regularly.


I have always been a positive person, but in 2007 a relationship I was in ended and at the same time, I was working a job I hated.

I quickly became a negative person and lost my ability to see the good things in life. I was stuck in this rut for a few years and was my most unhappiest.

But then I read The Secret and my outlook began to slowly change for the positive. I started to live life again and over time, overcame my negative outlook and started to be more optimistic.

Since then, my life has been great. Of course, there are setbacks along the way, but I don’t let them get me down.

As for improving myself on a regular basis, I make it a point to exercise. The rush I get from working out ends any negative thoughts or feelings. Even if I don’t feel like exercising, I still make it a point to at least go for a long walk. It’s amazing how powerful this simple act it.

Another thing I do is try to eat healthy. When I was younger, I ate whatever I wanted. I never thought about how the foods I was or wasn’t eating affected my daily life.

But once I started to limit the bad foods and eat better, my mood and focus improved. I slept better. And I rarely wake up groggy. I am always alert. Now when I do indulge and eat poorly, I can immediately see the impact.

Finally, I try to push myself by doing things that scare me. This forces me to push the boundaries and work on becoming a better person.

Maxim: Among all the articles you have written, which one is your favorite? Why?


My favorite article is 25 Self Improvement tips to change your life. I like this one the best because it offers simple and mostly free tips readers can start using to slowly improve their life, every single day.

Maxim: Self improvement has various aspects. However, if you had to give only one single piece of advice to your readers, what would it be?


I would say to not fear failing but rather embrace it.

Too many people look at failing as a negative thing. This idea starts in school, where failing a test is bad.

But if you look at failing as an opportunity to grow, it becomes a positive thing.

Many times when we try something new, we fail. but this is us stretching outside of our comfort zone and trying to become a better person.

The bottom line is to not let fear stop you from trying. Try and know that if you fail, you have a better idea of how to proceed going forward.

Maxim: What advice would you give to a young person just starting his/her journey of self improvement?


To understand there is no end to the journey of self improvement. You will never be perfect because you are human. Because of this, you just try to be your best every single day.

And the silver lining here is every day, you get to try again. Maybe yesterday, you lost your temper when your kids used their crayons on the wall. Today, you can learn from your mistakes and react in a better, more productive way.

Maxim: If you had a time machine that sent you 10 years back in time, what self improvement advice would you give yourself?


To be patient. I have many flaws and I wanted to be better overnight. But this isn’t reality.

I had to pick an area of my life and work on it. Then pick another area and work on that. All the while, remembering and working on the original areas as well.

Maxim: How has your blogging and writing influenced and transformed you? Do you think you have changed as a person since you started blogging?


I have been writing since 2013. In the beginning, the challenge was about getting the ideas and thoughts in my head onto paper and in a way others could connect with them.

As I wrote about the ideas I had, I had to come up with new ideas. Now the challenge became writing about topics I didn’t have a firm grasp of and incorporating those ideas into my everyday life.

Maxim: What makes you happiest as a blogger?


Simply being a blogger. I love being in complete control of my destiny. I am not working for someone else, I am working for me.

As a result, I never look at it as work. It is all fun. It is who I am. Even on the weekends, I find myself learning more about blogging and wanting to grow my business.

And at the end of the day, the success I see is a direct correlation to how hard I work.

Maxim: Who are the other self improvement bloggers that you’re a fan of?


I like Darren Hardy, Joel Brown, Jack Canfield, Mark Manson, and the Early To Rise blog.

Maxim: Where can the readers contact you?


People can reach me on my email at

Maxim: Thanks a lot, Don. It was wonderful knowing your thoughts. All the best on your future as a blogger and an author.


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