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Interview with Ellen from ZyraKuma

Recently I had the chance to talk to Ellen about her blog and her self improvement journey. She writes her personal experience about personal development, lifestyle and living your dream life on her blog

Ellen is from Australia and currently a student pursuing her degree in psychology.

The interview:

Maxim: Tell us about your blog. What made you start writing about Self Improvement?

Ellen: My blog is called ZyraKuma, an Australian lifestyle blog. My site feature post about self-wellbeing, productivity, mental health, and blogging advice. I started moving towards self-improvement way back in 2016-17 when I was just in high school.

I started suffering from depression and anxiety and I wanted to find natural ways to help my mental disorders. After realizing the little help that self-care gave me, I wanted to share some of the tips with other people who suffer the same as me.

Maxim: Tell us about your personal journey in self improvement. Give us some examples of how you improve yourself regularly.

Ellen: I started reading about self improvement from other blog posts and YouTube videos. One of my favorite posts on wellbeing is the 30 Days Self-care Challenge list. That’s how I find a bunch of self-care tools that I feel comfortable with.

For me, I like to meditate, drink lots of water, draw, listening to some of my favorite music, lighting up scented candles, watching YouTube or Twitch live streams, journaling and jotting down my mood and emotions in a mental health app.

Maxim: Among all the articles you have written, which one is your favorite? Why?

Ellen: Well, I have a lot of articles that I feel very happy about. But one of my top favorite posts is “How to Overcome Social Anxiety“. The reason why I picked this post is because I too suffer from social anxiety.

Yes, mental health is becoming more aware in this day and age (which is definitely a good thing) but I think social anxiety is rarely talked about and people tend to make jokes about it. I was really excited when doing researching and creating this post because I wrote this based on my own experience but also sharing the tips that I try out myself.

Maxim: Self improvement has various aspects. However, if you had to give only one single piece of advice to your readers, what would it be?

Ellen: My advice is, if you’re suffering from depression and/or anxiety, you’re not alone. Please attend to someone – it can be either a friend, family, counselor, general practitioner, etc. I use to keep back from finding help and not opening up about it. It began to get worse and my relationships would get ripped apart. I know that life gets better once you get the help you need and opening up is the first step to feeling better.

Maxim: What advice would you give to a young person just starting his/her journey of self improvement?

Ellen: My advice to young people is to stop comparing yourself to others, especially those who you are close to. The only person you should compare is your past self.

Maxim: If you had a time machine that sent you 10 years back in time, what self improvement advice would you give yourself?

Ellen: If I had to be sent back in 10 years time, I would tell myself to face my fears and to allow myself to open up to change.

Maxim: How has your blogging and writing influenced and transformed you? Do you think you have changed as a person since you started blogging?

Ellen: I’ve been blogging earlier than 2016 but yes, I have changed from a very different person! Back then, I would censor myself when I wrote a blog (you know, like writing an essay in class, eek). But now, I get to fully express myself in my own way through writing.

Blogging has really changed me and helped me in my own personal life being an introverted teenager.

Maxim: What makes you happiest as a blogger?

Ellen: What makes me happiest as a blogger is expressing my own opinion with no restrictions and learning the “business side” of blogging. Yes, if you’re a blogger, you know fully well how tough it is having a blog. However, from my perspective, it helps me learn new skills that I wouldn’t think I needed!

Maxim: Who are the other self improvement bloggers that you’re a fan of?

Ellen: I got to give it to my inspiration Dominee, Blessing Manifesting. She was one of the reasons why I transition to a self improvement blog. I love her style and theme. But mostly, her art makes me feel calm and happy.

Maxim: Where can the readers contact you?

Ellen: People can send me an email at

Maxim: Thanks a lot Ellen. It was wonderful knowing your thoughts. All the best on your future as a blogger.


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