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Interview with Iva from Amazing Me Movement

Recently, I had the opportunity to ask Iva about her thoughts on personal development.

Iva Ursano writes on her blog called Amazing Me Movement. Her blog covers her story of pain, anger, frustration, despair, abuse and rock bottom. She wants to help and inspire other people from the lessons she has learned from her journey.

She is also an author. You can find her books on this link.

On her personal front, she is a Canadian lady who lives in Mexico.

The interview:

Maxim: Tell us about your blog. What made you start writing about Self Improvement?


It actually started out as a Feng Shui blog but as things in my life started happening (and crashing down around me) I started writing more about healing and how to get through tough times.

The rest is history!

Maxim: Tell us about your personal journey in self improvement. Give us some examples of how you improve yourself regularly.


When I hit rock bottom in 2013 I immersed myself in reading and listening to self improvement audios. I knew I had to get out of the dark hole I was in and was willing to do whatever it took to change my life.

I completely overhauled my life, starting with removing all the toxic thoughts, things and people in my life. I knew if I wanted to move forward I would need to get rid of things that weighed me down and kept me stuck.

I’m finally in a really good place in my life but every now and then triggers show up and I need to pull out some tools to bring me back to the present.

My morning gratitude journalling along with my meditations really help me start my day on a more calm and positive note. If a trigger comes us during the day I will immediately stop the negative thought and replace it with 3 positive ones. This helps me clear my head too!

Maxim: Among all the articles you have written, which one is your favorite? Why?


I think this one is my favorite. It’s also a fan favorite too. It speaks of all the hurt I’ve been through but also how I released all the people who hurt me through forgiveness. It’s basically a forgiveness letter and I try to encourage people to write one of their own so they can finally be free of anger and hurt from the past.

Maxim: Self improvement has various aspects. However, if you had to give only one single piece of advice to your readers, what would it be?


Self improvement is long and exhausting and it can also be extremely frustrating at times. Stay the course and remember why you started in the first place. Don’t give up on yourself or your new life that awaits you.

Maxim: What advice would you give to a young person just starting his/her journey of self improvement?


People will fall to the wayside while you are improving your life. Let them go. We are not all on the same path. You need to worry about yourself and your life, not about what others think. New people and amazing opportunities will present themselves to you. It’s scary and exciting all at the same time.

Maxim: If you had a time machine that sent you 10 years back in time, what self improvement advice would you give yourself?


My advice would be to not force things. Don’t try to pretend to be happy or optimistic. If you’re having a bad day, cry it out. Honour your feelings. Healing takes a really long time as does self improvement.

You’re not going to be happy every day all day. Let all your other emotions have some space too. Reach out to a friend if you ever need to talk. Don’t keep it all in. We’re strong but not made of stone. It’s ok to talk to someone and know that you don’t have to go it alone.

Maxim: How has your blogging and writing influenced and transformed you? Do you think you have changed as a person since you started blogging?


I’ve been blogging now for about 4 years but seriously for the last 2. When I get emails from readers about how one of my blogs has changed them or helped them it inspires me to write more and to reach more people. My blogging has fueled my passion for helping people.

Many bloggers start with good intentions but also with the knowledge that we can make money from blogging. I’m no different but for me, it’s no longer about the money but more about knowing that if I can help change one person in a day, it was a good day!

Maxim: What makes you happiest as a blogger?


My readers. Especially when they email me and share their stories and how they have overcome some trauma or adversity in their life. That’s my favourite part!

Maxim: Who are the other self improvement bloggers that you’re a fan of?


I’m a big fan of Brendon Burchard and Robin Sharma. They are powerhouses but also so sincere.

Maxim: Where can the readers contact you?

Iva: People can send me an email at

Maxim: Thanks a lot Iva. It was wonderful knowing your thoughts. All the best on your future as a blogger and author.

Interview with Iva from Amazing Me Movement, talking about her self improvement journey and ideas.

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