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A Little Better Every Day Challenge – The Kaizen Way

A Little Better Everyday Challenge - The Kaizen Way

Today's Challenge: List down 10 things you are tolerating in the house

You might want to be on the top of things but there are things that you tolerate for some unknown reason. It could be a clogged sink, a broken closet, not enough pair of socks, dirty shoes and others. You know exactly what you need to fix.

Today, you must list down 10 things in the house that you are tolerating which you should have fixed by now. You do not have to solve them all today but put them on your to-do list. If you do not work using to-do list, make a vow to fix them all within a specific timeline like a week or a month or any other deadline that seems reasonable.

Making a list and making a promise to yourself to fix them, brings you one step closer to completing them.

If you think your friend needs to take up this challenge, do let him/her know. Inviting a friend will make the challenge more exciting. Two is company, three is a crowd and four is a party.

What is the Little Better Everyday Challenge About?

If you heard about the challenge today, start from today's challenge. The sequence does not really matter. These are small improvements which help you improve day by day. Making sure you work towards one improvement a day is more important than following a sequence.

Do not worry about the past challenges. Start from today. Every day you will have a new challenge which will help you improve over time. Do not sweat about the past and focus on future improvements. You will still have a ton of scope for improvement.

The challenge expects you to target one improvement a day. If you find any of the challenges beneficial to your growth, relationships or happiness, you can even follow it as a daily habit.

You just have to bookmark this page. Every day, a new challenge will show up on this same page. Invite a friend to make the challenge more exciting. Two is company, three is a crowd and four is a party. You can receive reminders on the challenge by adding your email below. The most simple way to participate in the challenge is to join the Facebook group and receive the daily challenge on your feed everyday.

Missing a couple of challenges here and there will not impact your results much because you are in for the long haul. Just do not make it a habit to skip challenges when you do not feel like doing them. The challenges exist to help you push yourself out of your comfort zone.

The same technique led to the success of companies like Toyota, Google, General Electric, Microsoft. Bruce Lee used the same techniques for his mastery. The British cycling team dominating the world by applying simple improvements every day. Almost every person who has tried the method has reached high levels of success.

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