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Challenge for November 29th: Find ways to save time

"I am busy. I do not have the time."

Is that a complaint you hear often? Maybe you complain the same yourself.

Complaining about not having enough time is easy, but have you thought how can you free up time? Probably not. Please note, the intention here is to not to find an additional 10 minutes. It could even be just 15 seconds you could save.

Let's take an example. Your house is on the 4th floor. Once you get ready, you come out of your front door, wear your shoes, take the lift and walk out. How can you save time here? Think hard.

Yes, you can save a few seconds by walking out the door, calling the lift first before you wear your shoes. This way, while you are wearing your shoes, the lift would have arrived. You just saved about 20-30 seconds of your time waiting for the lift.

Today, you will look at the minutest areas of your daily routine and find every possibility to save some time. 

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