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Challenge for January 10th: Do one thing at a time

You have a presentation tomorrow and also daily errands of today to attend. As you prepare for your presentation, you check your emails, finish some daily tasks and check your texts/social media. You believe that is the best way to ensure you have your eyes on everything, right?


Working on multiple tasks by switching between one task to another leads to reduced concentration and wasted time due to attention residue. 

Switching between tasks gives a false impression of getting things done when in reality you end up wasting time.

Today, you will do one task a time. This implies, when you are working on a task, you cannot check the email, chat or text that popped up. If you have to close the mailbox, ditch the chat and lock the phone in your drawer, please do so. The effectiveness of doing one thing at a time will be obvious once you practice it.

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The Story of Adam

Meet Adam.

Adam has a full-time job as a manager of Quality Analysis. His long term goal is to run a successful continental restaurant.

Adam knows that his job is killing himself every day, yet he decides to hang on and put up with disappointment he is dealing with on a daily basis and his manager whom he hates from the bottom of his heart.

He enjoys cooking and does not miss cooking some amazing food for his friends and family every weekend. When time permits he even takes orders to cook for small house parties of a size less than 10. He has always wanted to run a successful restaurant.

Adam meets Ben, who is a fellow entrepreneur in the restaurant business. Ben has the experience of building a chain of successful restaurants. Adam seeks Ben's advise on his venture and Ben is happy to provide him with a lot of valuable inputs. 

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