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Challenge for April 27th: No blaming

At first thought, you will be of the opinion that you do not blame others or circumstances at all. But if you say things like:

  • My manager sucks
  • My job is boring
  • My spouse does not understand my needs
  • My kids do not care about me
  • The Government is not helping the citizens
  • I just don’t have any luck
  • Today was not really my day

It is nothing but blaming.

When you blame and criticize others, you are avoiding some truth about yourself. In almost every case where you blame somebody else or the situation or your luck, deep down you are aware of what you can improve. Your ego prevents you from accepting that you could have done better.

Today, you will follow a culture of no blame. No blaming the traffic, the weather, your company, your job or anything under the sun. For every problem you encounter, you will only check what you could have done better.

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