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Challenge for July 1st: Use the Feynman Technique

Do you struggle to remember what you read, understand concepts or learn effectively? Most people face a challenge in one or all these areas.

Feynman technique serves as a useful tool for learning and remembering better.The effectiveness of the technique lies in its simplicity.

All you have to do is teach the topic you learned. If you have a real student to teach, you have the best scenario. But if you have no one to teach, imagine an obedient student sitting on a desk waiting for your lessons. Teaching yourself in front of a mirror works equally well.

When you teach any topic, you realize the gaps in your knowledge. This helps you go back and understand the topic at a greater depth to cover the holes in your knowledge.

Today, you must apply the Feynman Technique in your area of expertise or a new topic you're learning. The complete guide on the Feynman Technique is available on the link below.

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