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Challenge for October 14th: Generate 5 random ideas

You wonder how do people come up with brilliant ideas. The truth is, most people who come up with successful ideas, come up with a lot of ideas. In short, it is a numbers game. The more ideas you have, the more are your chances of success.

When you have many ideas, you will know which one is the best. When you have only one idea, you blindly believe that it is the best idea in the world.

Generating ideas is like building muscle. The more you keep doing it, the better you will get at it.

Today, you will generate 5 random ideas. The ideas need not even be implemented. Just let your imagination run wild and write it down without thinking too much. You can even list down ideas such as robbing a bank without getting caught or an app that converts your thoughts into text. The ideas do not have to be realistic because you are training your mind to generate good ideas.

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