Pursue the goal of your dreams by starting your day in a flow state alongside other like minded productive people.

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How do the sessions work?

Laser focus sessions are 2 hour guided sessions which help you make every day productive

Each session is guided by a host and the 2 hour session will roughly follow the following agenda:


You will join a call with the host and other like minded participants


First 10 min: The host sets the tone to achieve a deep flow state and prioritize the tasks for the day


The majority of the time will be broken into Pomodoro sessions with appropriate breaks where you will spend focused time on the task of your choice


At the end, the host will prompt you to make a self assessment, celebrate your achievements and indetify your mistakes

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When do these sessions take place?

Currently, these sessions take place from 7 AM - 9 AM IST

These sessions are intentionally kept early so that you can start your day on a productive note


We will initiate these sessions for other time zones and time slots in the future

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Who are these sessions for?

Our most common customers are IT professionals, entrepreneurs, and students

Those who're keen to increase their productivity


Those who have trouble working distraction free


Those looking for accountability to get work done


Those who want to use their time more effectively

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Key Benefits of Joining The Session

Productive Start To The Day
Sets The Tone For The Entire Day
Creates Accountability Among A Group Of Productive People
Helps You Cultivate Habits Of Focused Work
Encourages You To Work Distraction Free
Creates A Feedback Loop Of Self Improvement For Yourself


Our customers are our
biggest fans

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    Laser Focus Sessions not only helped me focus during the session time, but also created a sense of accountability throughout.

    Rajith Shaji

    Founder | Volopay

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    I understood how unproductive and distracted my usual working routine was only after I attended the sessions. Will never go back to that phase again.

    Ravi Prasad

    Data Insights Leader | Decathlon

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    In the Laser Focus Sessions, my efficiency is multifold. That in itself pays more than the money's worth.

    Anish Philip John

    Head of Delivery | INKONIQ

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    Laser Focus Sessions motivate me to wake up in the morning and pursue my goals.

    Akhilesh Telikicherla

    Digital Media and Ad Operations specialist

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