Get Work Done Distraction Free
With Other Productive People

Join the productive community in virtual co-working sessions designed to enter a flow state
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How does the Laser Focus Hour Work?

Join a live, co-working video call

Each session is 1 hour long
Different slots available(9 AM, 4 PM, and even other timings based on participation)

The host will guide you

For the first 5 minutes, the host will set the tone to work distraction free in a flow state

Spend focused time on your task

Work quietly with focus and experience the power of virtual accountability

Stepwise Agenda

  • Join the Zoom call via a link shared over email. Different slots available(9 AM, 4 PM, and even other timings based on participation).
  • First 5 minutes: Host sets the tone, provides simple guidelines to work in a flow state. You pick a task to focus on for the hour.
  • The next 50 minutes: You work distraction free by yourself along with other people in silence. Turning your video on is recommended, but not compulsory.
  • The last 5 minutes: Assess your productivity and performance for the last 50 minutes. Provide an update to the group if you like.

Who's it for?

Those who're keen to increase their productivity
Those looking for accountability to get work done
Those who have trouble working distraction free
Those who want to use their time more effectively

How much does it cost?

The initial trial sessions will be free
The future sessions will be paid sessions which cost a monthly fee. Early sign ups will recieve free sessions for 3 months.
If you feel the sessions weren't helpful, you get a full refund with no questions asked

About The Host

Maxim Dsouza is a self taught productivity enthusiast who has spent the last 15 years experimenting with various time management techniques. He uses a unique blend of proven behavioral science and productivity techniques to help people get work done and achieve their goals.

On this blog, he shares real life and actionable advice on Goal Clarity, Productivity, Time Management and Decision Making. His articles have reached over 1 million readers worldwide.

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