How does it work?

Laser Focus Sessions are 2 hour host guided sessions which help you work in a flow state.
Join a live, co-working video call

Each session is broken down into two halves. In each half, we will follow a 45 min Pomodoro.

The leader will guide you

The leader will help you set the tone for the session and create the conditions to work with utmost focus.

Work on the task with focus

Work quietly with focus and experience the power of virtual accountability

What are the timings?

The Laser Focus Sessions are conducted Monday to Friday, for two hours, at the following times:

  • 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM PST/PST (Pacific Time)
  • 8:30 PM - 10:30 PM CDT (Central Time)
  • 7 AM - 9 AM IST (Indian Standard Time)

What exactly happens in the 2 hour sessions

You will join a call with the host and other like minded participants
First 10 min: The host sets the tone to achieve a deep flow state and prioritize the tasks for the day.
First half: The host begins a 45 min Pomodoro during which you will pick one task, share with others over chat if you like and work with utmost focus on mute.
You will take a short 5 min break to regroup and relax
Second half: The host begins another 45 min Pomodoro during which you will pick one task and work with utmost focus on mute.
Last 10 min - Self assessment and celebration: You will reflect on your focus and task completion - note down things you did well and mistakes committed.

How do you benefit from the Laser Focus Sessions?

Creates Accountability Among A Group Of Productive People
Helps You Cultivate Habits Of Focused Work
Encourages You To Work Distraction Free
Creates A Feedback Loop Of Self Improvement For Yourself

When is the next batch?

Dates: Starting Next Week (Weekdays Only)
Duration: 4 productive weeks
Cost: Free. We're experimenting with the sessions right now to guage the response.

About The Host

Maxim Dsouza is the founder of Productive Club whose articles have reached over 1 million readers worldwide. His Time Management books have an average of 4.1 rating on Good Reads.

He is self taught productivity enthusiast who has spent the last 15 years experimenting with various time management techniques. He uses a unique blend of proven behavioral science and productivity techniques to help people get work done and achieve their goals.

On this blog, he shares real life and actionable advice on Goal Clarity, Productivity, Time Management and Decision Making.

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