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How to Stick to Your Goals No Matter What

You make plans to chase a goal and you start putting in effort. But somewhere down the line, you lose enthusiasm and you give up.

Setting a goal is the easy part. What’s challenging is staying on track to achieve what you set out to.

This short 15 paged book enlightens you about the reasons why you fail to stick to your goals along with 10 tips to fix them.

Download this book and get started now.

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How to Use The OODA Loop to Make Better Decisions

The OODA loop is a method for making better decisions in 4 steps. It involves using the available information, considering possibilities, and choosing the best possible decision quickly. The technique also consists of changing the action as and when new information becomes available.

The technique is based on the approach used by fighter pilots to win an aerial battle. This short 15 paged book helps you apply the same concept in your real-life decision making.

Download this book and get started now.

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How to Use Time Blocking

Time blocking is the process of breaking your day into slots and working only on a specific activity in one block.

If you haven’t heard about this time management technique, you should give it a shot. It provides an effective blueprint to make continuous progress towards your long term goals.

You might find the original concept of time blocking overwhelming at first. Therefore, this short 20-paged book not only teaches you the traditional method of time blocking but also offers a partial technique that suits beginners better.

Download this book and get started now.

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How to Plan A Productive Day

How productive is each day in your life? Most people struggle to make their day count. Some have challenges with getting things done, while others do not prioritize the right things.

So, how can you make every day of your life productive? It is simpler than it seems.

This short 15-paged book teaches you the techniques to make productivity a lifestyle, instead of a set of tips to follow.

Download this book and get started now.

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How to Learn Faster Using The Feynman Technique

Do you struggle to learn any topic? Try out the Feynman Technique designed to learn, understand, and remember better using 4 steps. It was designed by the renowned physicist Richard Feynman, who was called the great explainer.

You might expect the technique to involve sophisticated 4 steps, but they’re straight forward and simple to apply for anyone.

This short 20-paged book takes you these steps in detail along with an example to illustrate how to put it to use. After trying it once, you can apply it to learn any topic quickly.

Download this book and get started now.

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How to Start A Business With No Money

Most people believe that an entpreneur needs to have a large capital to start a business. As a result, you give up before you even get started.

But you can start a business with the pocket money of a student. It cost me only 9$ to get this blog up and running.

This short 30-paged book takes you through an exercise of generating business ideas that match your skills without involving any large investment. It also covers various methods to raise larger capital if necessary along with the pros and cons of doing so.

Download this book and get started now.

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Pomodoro Technique – A Beginner’s Guide

The Pomodoro technique is one of the most well-known time-management methodologies. As per this technique, you work for 25 minutes followed by a short 3-5 minute break. You repeat the same cycle 4 times and take a longer break.

The simplicity of the technique is the primary reason why it works effectively for most people.

This short 20-paged book contains a detailed guide on how to implement the method in real life. It also provides useful pointers and answers to frequently asked questions.

Download this book and get started now.

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Time Management Workbook

How many hours a day are you productive? Do you know how much time you waste everyday? What percentage of your time goes on the phone?

Most people do not know the answer to these questions. This short book of 15 pages will help you know where your spending time.

By performing this time tracking activity, you’ll know which of your tasks are productive and how much time you leak everyday.

Once you gain this awareness, you can easily fix the time management problems you have.

Download this book and get started now.

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How to Uplift Your Productivity in 7 Days

Are you struggling to improve your productivity? This book contains a step by step 7 day plan to organize your schedule and get things under control.

The essence of this short 30 paged book lies in its simplicity. The tips are tailored for beginners who are starting their journey with productivity and time management.

If you follow these tips with discipline and make them a daily habit, you’ll see the difference yourself. Turn yourself into a productivity machine right now.

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Checklist for Effective Mornings

Are your mornings lost in regular chores, emails, and text messages? It’s time to become more mindful about how you spend the early hours after you wake up.

Since mornings set the tone for the rest of your day, you must use them the right way.

This short 20 paged book provides a 8 item checklist with the right habits to cultivate and the unproductive activities to avoid. Though these items are easy to implement, the difference they make to your routine are significant.

Download the book and make your mornings count.

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How to Create a Powerful Productivity Plan

If you have spent some time to improve your productivity, it’s time to step it up a notch.

You cannot expect to achieve amazing results by following any tip off the internet. Since your schedule, personality and goals are unique, you need to find the sweet spot which works for you.

This short 20 paged book helps you craft a productivity plan which is perfect for you. It will guide you through a 6 step activity based process to find the answer to your challenges yourself.

Wait no further. Download the book and get going.

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