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Step by step guide to start your business with a fulltime job

You have an idea to start your own business but you are too scared to take the risk. You cannot muster the guts to quit your job to follow your dream. The thought of having to pay the bills without a steady income gives you a panic attack.

Relax, the internet has bombarded you with only the stories of entrepreneurs who quit their job out of the blue by typing their resignation letter followed by building a billion dollar business. No doubt, a few have achieved that feat.

However, a ton of successful entrepreneurs have started their business along with their full time job. They did not quit their full time job until their business made steady income. Some entrepreneurs have a successful business and still continue their full-time job.

If they can do it, why can’t you? Before you state you do not have the skills, let me tell you, they were ordinary people with ordinary skills like you and me.

So again, if some other ordinary person can do it, so can you.

I am writing a set of posts that will help you start your business step by step along with a full-time job.


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