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The 2020 That Went By And The 2021 We’re In

The 2020 That Went By And The 2021 We’re In

Everyone says that 2020 is the worst year ever and I would agree. Mainly due to Covid-19. No more going outside, no more meeting people. There was a lockdown imposed all over the world, strikes, and protests, death of a loved one to mourn, cancellation of holiday trips and vacations, increase divorce rates, and no more shopping trips or takeout. Many students had a confusion of when the exams are going to take place. We had to wear masks and sanitize our hands, and our food.

But there were a lot of good things we got to experience because of this virus. We got to spend more time with our loved ones which is usually spent at school or work. We tried various food trends, and some people even tried cooking for the very first time. We tried pizzas, cakes, the famous Dalgona coffee, street foods like pani puri, and many more. You might have interacted with your roommate or neighbor who you never got to meet due to your hectic schedule. We had Skype and zoom calls with loved ones who stay on the opposite side of the globe. Then there were the Tiktok trends and Instagram reels. Basically, there were a lot of new experiences and meetings.

Life always has good and bad experiences. So let our new resolution be to gain happiness through the little things.

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