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Time Saving Secrets of Successful People Made Easy

Time Saving Secrets of Successful People Made Easy

“I do not have time to work on my goals.” Do you hear yourself saying that often?

In this article, you will learn the best time-saving techniques of successful people. You will realize how to change your schedule from being busy to having enough time for your needs while also increasing your results.

This article is ‘Step 4 – Time-saving secrets of the successful people simplified‘ of the final phase: Transforming into a productive superhuman of the 3 phase transformation into superhuman productivity. You can begin right from step 1 by accessing the index here – 3 Phase Transformation into Living Your Dreams.

To understand the purpose behind the activity I recommend you to read through the article. But, for the busy bees, you can go directly to the exercise.

Do you have an extremely busy life? Is it impossible for you to find the time to balance your professional and personal front? Does your day start with a getting ready for work in a hurry and end with dinner followed by crawling into bed?

Irrespective of how your day seems, you can optimize your day to save more time. This not about planning your day or applying the Pareto’s principle to filter unnecessary tasks or saying no to certain projects. Sure, all these are important and useful, but we are not going to discuss any of those known techniques.

You will start with a plan to save time. Trying to get more time in the day without planning is like expecting to launch a rocket without using mathematics.

Identifying areas to save time

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We will look at the minutest areas of your daily routine and find every possibility to save some time. Please note, the intention here is to not to find an additional 10 minutes. It could even be just 15 seconds you could save.

Isn’t it pretty common for people to spend time saving money? What these people fail to realize is time cannot be gained or made. If you lose your money, you can make some more money. However, if you lose time, you are never getting your time back.

You must be wondering, isn’t it paranoid to try and save 15 seconds? You might lose those 15 seconds elsewhere with ease because planning to the level of seconds is impossible.

Absolutely, you are right. The idea behind the approach is not to make the 15 seconds that you saved count. The idea is to get you thinking about how you can save time and change your approach towards time. No matter how small the quantity of time saved, it compounds and helps in the long run as follows:

  • It becomes a mindset where you are now looking to make the best of time
  • In itself, that 1 minute or those 15 seconds saved may not seem much. When you do save time on every aspect of your life every single day, it produces a compound effect over time.
  • It takes conscious thoughts and ideas to find ways to save a few seconds at every possibility. You are training the neurons in your brains to come up with ideas. Over time, you get better and better.

I can guarantee you have a million opportunities to save time. You have to start looking at it from a few seconds or a minute perspective. If you look to free a 30-minute window in one go, not only is it harder but also easy to procrastinate.

Examples of saving time on simple areas

Let me give you an example. Your house is on the 4th floor. Once you get ready, you come out of your front door, wear your shoes, take the lift and walk out. How can you save time here? Think hard.

Yes, you can save a few seconds by walking out the door, calling the lift first before you wear your shoes. This way, while you are wearing your shoes, the lift would have arrived. You just saved about 20-30 seconds of your time waiting for the lift.

It might sound crazy to you, but you have to pile up saved time in seconds and minutes. Saved time compounds big time.

So why is saving time so important?

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Time is finite and moves only in one direction: forward. You cannot regain the time you lose. Just like a magician makes things disappear by pointing his wand, time lost disappears forever, poof.

If you place more value on money than on time, you have got it wrong. You must realize your time is also worth a value in money.

The value will vary from person to person. It also varies with age and experience. If Bill Gates spends 1 hour negotiating for a 10,000$ reduction on the latest sports car, do you think it was a good deal for him? Absolutely not. Because his 1 hour is worth way more in value than 10,000 dollars.


Have you heard of the funny fact on the internet? If Bill Gates bends to pick a 100$ bill, it is a bad investment for him because he roughly makes 115$ per second!

How to weigh time vs money

The takeaway here is not to avoid finding potential opportunities for a better deal. Getting a 10,000$ off a car is, in fact, an amazing deal for most people for an hours time. But have you looked at the other instances where you spend time getting a cheaper price?

How about those 10 minutes you spend in the supermarket trying to compare various cornflakes to save a few cents? Apply the same mathematics of time to money conversion. Your 10 minutes are more valuable than a few cents too.

If there is a huge sale going on where discounts are being offered, like Thanksgiving, watch out. It does make sense to pick up things at a discount. You should only pick what you “need” without having to spend a long time making the decision or a comparison.

If you can pick a bag of rice from the rack without having to spend more than a few seconds and save some dollars, yes it is worth it. If you are going for the sale thinking “I am not sure what I will buy, let me look around”, you are buying things you “want”, not what you “need”. You end up buying an item at a discount which you should not have purchased in the first place. How are you saving money doing so?

When you are obsessed with saving small amounts of money by spending a large amount of time you are making a bad investment.

Spending money in exchange for time is worth it

Many a time, spending more money is worth the return you get in terms of time. You can use the time saved to make the money. It is a circle that most fail to realize.

For example, recently I stopped driving to work. I started taking a cab instead. I live in that part of the world where taking a cab is not very expensive. It costs about 2x of what it would cost me if I drove by myself. My commute to work takes about 30 minutes one way. Considering the commute back and forth, I am saving an hour of my time. I am adding 5 hours per week(12.5%) of additional time by paying for it in a few extra dollars. My 1 hour is worth more than that.

I use the saved time to complete my goals and achieve more wealth. I now have an extra hour every working day which I use to reply to emails, read a book or even take a power nap. Sometimes I even use it as my thinking time.

A lot of people think that I am lazy to drive or I am burning money for no reason. In reality, I look at them and silently think, I am saving money in the long run while you are burning money. I used to try explaining the rationale to people earlier. When most people could not relate to it, I stopped explaining.

Areas to save time

Likewise, there are so many other opportunities to save time if you start paying attention to every action of yours. Here are a few more examples that I have incorporated myself:

  • Buying a charging dock to charge all my devices in one place. I do not have to worry where the charging cable for a device is or which plug did I put the charger on last time. I know where the charging dock always is.
  • Scheduling meetings one after another to avoid dilution of focus thereby not wasting any time of refocusing between tasks. I prevent attention residue due to back to back meetings.
  • Picking a house which is at walking distance next to the gym, because I like to workout. I would rather pay a little extra on rent for the house than spend 15 extra minutes every day traveling to the gym.
  • Tying my shoelaces in the lift if my lift arrives early
  • Buying home supplies in large portions thereby reducing another supermarket visit. Yes, they are cheaper too which is a bonus(not the primary reason).
  • Cooking in bulk and storing them in the freezer thereby saving cooking time. Personally, I do not have a concern about eating the same food on a daily basis. You may or may not like eating the same food. So this does not have to work for you.
  • Buying a lot of pens/post-its and placing them on every work-desk(home/office/other working space) thereby having to avoid looking for one when required.

There are many more of such examples. I am sure I have a lot more areas to save time which I am trying to identify.


Look at your daily schedule. Think and identify the areas where you can save time. Do not look for massive savers. Look for a window which could save even 1 minute. Make it a habit to optimize your day by closing all the gaps in your daily ways.

Leave a comment on the area that you think you can save time on starting today.


If you want one single takeaway from the article: value your time in money.

Weigh every bargain or a discount in terms of the cost in value along with the cost in time. Additionally, you should look for little aspects of your daily actions. Save time even if it makes a difference of only a few seconds.

When you do this, it becomes more of a mindset and a routine where you save time. The saved time adds up, piles up, builds up. You can use it to spend time with your loved ones, taking up a hobby, taking a nap or chasing more of your dreams.

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This article is ‘Step 4 – Time-saving secrets of the successful people simplified‘ of the final phase: Transforming into a productive superhuman of the 3 phase transformation into superhuman productivity. You can begin right from step 1 by accessing the index here – 3 Phase Transformation into Living Your Dreams.

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